Hey, what's going on world? My name is Mike SB and I am a 20 year old dreamer and co-founder of Pot Entertainment.

I feel it's only right to give you all a little bit of a background story on the brand itself.

So, Back in 2012, a buddy of mine, Joe, who actually ended up being the co-founder of POT ENT. with me, had the idea of creating an instagram page focused on exposing the most "POTENT." feeds across the web. (We were still in high school during this time so instagram was a great way for us to connect with like minded individuals across the globe). For years after that our main focus was building a fan base through the cannabis community with consistent posts daily, shouting out feeds from all around the world, via instagram. 

We eventually hit 5,000 followers, which was one of our short-term goals, and started thinking about the future of the brand itself. I had a more universal vision, the idea that POTENT. could be a lifestyle brand all about chasing your dreams and doing what you love, and that's what we decided to roll with. I wasn't too fond of limiting ourselves to the cannabis community exclusively.. I saw way too much POTENT.ial in the brand to allow that to happen. So we chose to develop into a brand representative of every dreamer in the world, no matter the dream or the lifestyle that each dreamer sought out. 

Now it is November of 2015, 3 whole years later, and the growth is believable. Our instagram page is constantly growing (6,840 followers and counting), but more so the movement is increasing in size and strength. That's the point that I want to get across with these last few words. 

"We pride ourselves in spreading positivity along with a positive state of mind, hoping to encourage, inspire and motivate dreamers alike to chase their dreams and do what they love."

POT ENT. is alive. It is a movement of like minded individuals all pushing towards a similar goal of being happy and being successful at the same damn time. So please, feel free to make yourself apart of the POT ENT. family by following us on all social media outlets, purchasing merchandise, and coming out to all of our shows and events! On top of that, please feel free to contact us regarding ANYTHING, whether it be you looking to join the team and contribute to the movement or you going on a rant about how marijuana kills, which it doesn't ! :)

Realize how blessed you are to be alive.