Aaron “Battery” Olson: South Florida’s Hidden Rising Star Producer [an interview by Alejandro Roman]

[2 minute read]

Roman: So let’s start with who you are?

Aaron: Aaron Olson, 24 years old. Music engineer, producer and one of the owners of Influence Studios In West Palm.


Roman: When did you first start tinkering with music?

Aaron:Tinkering with music, I started playing guitar when I was like 13-14. I just wanted to be able to record myself type shit. Tried to figure out how it all worked, seeing videos of people doing covers. It was really based on guitar, heavily based on the guitar.

IMG_3823 (1).PNG

Roman: What drew you to making music? specifically engineering and producing?

Aaron:  I started making beats when I was 16, it wasn’t for anybody i just wanted to learn for myself.

Around that time I was really into Waka Flocka Flame, 1017 Bricksquad & Southside from 808 Mafia.

Roman: Take us through your process when making beats.


Aaron: I think it’s really different for everyone, there’s no formula.

It’s really sitting down and taking the time to make something, it’s super channeling. Painting a picture through the sound. I never have any set paths. I do certain things but generally it’s mostly different.

Roman: You mess around with sampling quite a bit right?

Aaron: As a producer I feel like you go in and out of phases. Sometimes I’ll be sampling a lot sometimes i’ll make everything original. Sampling is fun, I think it’s a great way to make beats fast.

Roman: So with the studio, how did that come about? You started at a young age making beats and now you find yourself at 24 years old owning a recording studio. Take us through that.


Aaron: It’s just part of the process. You get into recording your friends or yourself or you do something like we did and “own” the studio.

It’s not just about going to work for somebody or this or that.  It was really for creating your own environment , completely controlled by you to make music.

Roman: How did you link up with your partners?


Aaron: Eric Mansa. He was already recording with lorenzo. I had hit him up for beats a year earlier and we just started doing shit.

Roman: What are some plans for future projects?

Aaron: I think right now I’m really local, so I’d like to expand outside of that. I’m not really the type of producer to post everywhere or anything like that. I like to work with the people around me. It’s just a more accessible way to deliver the content. So I think expanding outside of that is definitely the goal.

The vision was always to find someone around me that could be turned into that next big artist. Somebody that I could work with in that type of light.

Roman: What are some of the places people can find you?

Aaron: Nowhere, (Laughs) they can’t find me.

They gotta come to the studio.