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Logic - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Album Review

Whether you’re into super lyrical hip hop or mainstream pop bangers, Logic is a name you should be familiar with in 2019.

As a fan since his 2013 release Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever , this new album is definitely something I was very happy & surprised to wake up to on release day. I could not stop myself from cracking up at the little skit at the end of “Homicide (feat. Eminem)”. To be honest, it sounded a bit like Tyler the Creator to me.. I’m curious as to who’s got the credit! And holy shit, it was amazing to hear Eminem come back on the track and drop flows I’ve never heard in my entire life! Next level rap shit man - pay respect where its due!

On the other end of the song spectrum - Logic taps Gucci Mane for their unique-sounding “Icy” record that seems to have gotten stuck in my head over the weekend. Does Gucci ever not snap?

Other tracks I enjoyed were “Still Ballin (feat. Wiz Khalifa)”, “Keanu Reeves”, and what about this Will Smith feature “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different”? BANGER!

Stream Logic’s new album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind below:

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South Florida's Mike SB releases highly anticipated album 'Chase Your Dreams' for his fans

On January 18th, 2019, upcoming South Florida musician Mike SB released his project ‘Chase Your Dreams’ to the masses. With an eclectic blend of vibes from mellow keys to hype underground hits, Mike SB is proving himself to be a staple in the South Florida hip-hop scene.

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@itsmikesb on Instagram

@itsmikesb on Instagram